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Sylvain Pascaud

Sylvain Pascaud, managing director, executive producer and expedition leader for Libre Comme L’air (LCL) Production & Shelter Expeditions, began his career at the French Marine Institute, Ifremer, onboard The Nautile research submarine, before joining the Jacques Cousteau Society. It was while conducting expeditions from The Calypso that Sylvain picked up a passion for the all-terrain improvisation, freedom, creativity, dedication and precision it takes to make a documentary film. Pascaud continued to work as an independent underwater cameraman and commercial diver.

Sylvain moved on to managing expeditions and producing and directing films and television series, drawn to both the sea and the air. To date he has over 100 documentaries to his name, aired worldwide.

His real-world experience of working in environments conducive to extreme storytelling led to the realization that great adventures are often right in front of us, in the business activities we do every day over and over again. You just need to find the angle to make them compelling.

Over his varied and adventure-filled career, Sylvain has kept a deep, empathetic connection to people, and is always putting himself in the shoes of a quickly distracted viewer, finding the visuals and storyline to capture fleeting attention.


LCL Production / Libre Comme L'air
24 rue Roosevelt
94220 Sucy-en-Brie – France

Shelter Expeditions
10 Terry Drive – PO Box 1170
Shelter Island, NY 11965 USA


FR +33 (0)6 63 76 03 03
US +1 (347) 707 07 48