Sylvain Pascaud

Managing director, executive producer and expedition leader

Libre Comme L'air (LCL) Production

Sylvain Pascaud began his career in 1985 at the French Marine Institute, IFREMER, onboard The Nautile research submarine, before joining the Cousteau Society, where he conduced expeditions from The Calypso. Pascaud continued to work as an independent underwater cameraman and commercial diver and evolved moved on to managing expeditions and producing and directing films and television series, drawn to both the sea and the air. To date he has over 100 documentaries to his name, aired worldwide.

His career has focused on documentary film production, expedition planning and management, and corporate communications.

He excels at finding the visuals, angle and storyline to capture an audience’s fleeting attention. His experience includes extreme environments as well as on long-term business projects.


International documentary film productionExpedition planning and managementCorporate communications
Titanic: Anatomy of a Disaster
(3-part series)
Search for Air France Flight 447,
four deep-water expeditions
and location of debris field
Airbus E-FAN electric
aircraft program
D-Day Sunken Secrets
(2-hour documentary)
Airbridge for Science, with Airbus Group
and several high-profile scientific institutions
Airbus corporate videos
A380: Building The World’s Biggest Aircraft
(22 films)
Columbia University mapping of
the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica
Reach for the Sky
(10 episodes)
D-Day mapping expedition
Several projects for National Geographic Society,
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and others
ScanPyramid Project,
Dassault Systèmes (Consultant)
 Over 100 films for international television
networks including Discovery Channel, PBS
(Public Broadcasting Service USA), ARD,
ARTE, NHK and France Television.

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